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FUCK! or in the Spanish language (slang) = XUXA! (spelled out in slang, correctly spelled = chucha

In Spanish the letter X sounds like the English CH sound

NOW...if you say "xuxaso", that's similar to saying, "OH FUCK", meaning that was a BIG issue.
Emilio drags his feet out his car and slides out with exhaustion. He has just gotten off of work and has arrived home. As he gets out of his car, he sees that his homie's car is in HIS driveway. Ok, Emilio doesn't remember inviting him over for dominos tonight. No way, he wanted to spend some time with his girl before passing out for some zzzzs. He walks in his house and the mood is set for romance. Lights out, candles on, Eddie Santiago's greatest hits is playing in the background. "Xuxa", Emilio angrily whispers. He starts stompin up the stairs to the room he shares with his girl. Once he's reached the closed door to their room, he pushes it open with his thumb and closed fist. Manny's booty is up and down and Emilio's girl has her legs wrapped around it!

Emilio gets at Manny, and begins by stabbing the air with his trigger finger, all the while yelling obscenities in Spanish!
"Que xuxaso!!!" (Que=what)
by panamami April 16, 2010
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