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spanish abbreviation for "por que?", where "x" is por and "q" is que.
xq you going to the beach?

xq vas a la playa?
by 23419 March 16, 2004
Emoticon for throwing up
Guy 1: did u see that guy taking a shit at the park? XQ
Guy 2: ive seen worse, like ur girlfriends friends dog. that thing is ugly as shit
by xgdp June 27, 2009
XO = Hug
XQ = Quickie

Short for sexual intercourse, oooh it's naughty!

Vicky: Hey Matt, XQ?
Matt: Sure babe.
by Andiio January 26, 2009
XO = Kiss Hug...
XT = Kiss Threesome
XQ = Kiss Quickie
Andy: XQ?
Matt: XQ?
Andy: Lets Do it..?
Matt: TOTM!
Andy: No XQ on totm!
by Machoo October 12, 2008
xylophone quartet. This is four xylophones that play songs together.
Dude, I've got xq practice after school!
by Nick RRR April 03, 2008
Inspired by the term HQ, used to define extreme queers in large proportions.
You are an XQ!
These XQ's are extremely queer!
Window's XP is XQ!
by omg wtf stfu thx October 21, 2003
The way dyslexics read the Xp in Windows Xp
Dyslexic Person: Dang this Windows Xq is slow!

Non-dyslexic Person. HAHAHAHHAHAHAH.
by JamesEX March 07, 2004
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