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A Supreme Being or higher power.

To be in a state of "stasis" untouched by change and imperfection.

Alternatively, he has been called The One, The Great One, The Creator, The Supreme Mind and The Supreme Good.

xordin is eternal and unable to be changed by earthly forces or anything else within its creation.
1. God has xordin like qualities

2. There exists no one like xordin, and there can only be one xordin
by alector October 11, 2012
xordin is is self-born god of creation and the ultimate, highest and original manifestation of the Godhead.

He is the embodiment of Pure Consciousness, in whom doubts are dried and actions cease, who is beyond all change, time and destruction, who is full, pure, mute and eternal.

He is the conqueror of death and the destroyer of evil.
I bow before xordin, the true and ultimate truth.
by Hamturk November 01, 2012
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