Just a small town girl, livin' in a lonely world. Rockin' body! Kind-hearted, easy to get along with and excepting of everyone. Extremely prosperous, intellectuaal and beautiful.
Man, that flower looks just like Xochitl ...Mmmmm
by Trisha and Mike February 04, 2012
Top Definition
A name from the country of Mexico that comes from the Nahuatl culture.
The meaning in general is flower.
From the Mayan culture means princess of the flowers.
From the Aztec culture means water flower.
Hard to pronounce by English speaking people.
A beautiful name.
Xochilt will be a misspelling of xochitl.
Hey my name is Xochitl.
by Jessica Miller v. October 19, 2009
She is a very beautiful girl, always keeps it trill. Never been fake. And real loyal. Got some killer swag, a style everybody want. She never got time for games, as this will make her not like you. She a trill hood girl, always misunderstood. Booty like Trina. Attitude like a hood girl. Most beautiful and realist girl you will ever come across. So keep her.
by Miss. Pretty August 10, 2013
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