Xmax is a bit like Christmas, but not religious. It is the Xtreme version of Christmas and is way cooler.
Merry Xmas everyone, :P
by Coolio Russell December 24, 2010
christmas(supposedly used to be secular)
X-mas is over, get up and get your ass ready.
by The Return of Light Joker December 26, 2007
A cool and short way to say Christmas without any reference to the "Christ" religious part. Good term to forget any deep meaning of Christmas and enjoy the presents.
See also xmas.
Yo bro, last x-mas was the shit!!! I got weed from my nigga friendz
by Sting1 October 04, 2004
Atheists, secular or non-believers exclusion of Christ in the reference to the holiday commonly known as Christmas.
Merry Xmas Everyone
by Juman December 29, 2008
Word that overly sensitive non-Christian people use to take the prefix "Christ" out of Christmas. That would be like Christians referring to Hanukkah as x-ukkah, or saying x-dha instead of Buddha. It's pretty stupid and people should just use the correct term. No one says you have to believe in order to write or pronounce an important holiday for a certian group of people correctly.
You're invited to an x-mas party at my place in mid-town.
how about...
You're invited to a Christams party at my place in mid-town.
or better yet..
You're invited to a holiday party at my place..
by observant December 01, 2004
A term used to x out christ. To take christ out of christmas and stomp on him.

A way to show that you are a non beleiver.
"merry xmas ya'll, come back to the trailer park any time. Ya'll cleaned the single wide up real nice."

no offence to those who live in manufactured homes
by christian bl January 22, 2007
what non religious "christians" celebrate. People who are only in it for the presents celebrate xmas. Real christians celebrate christmas. Christmas is for christian people. Everyone who celebrates xmas is a holiday stealer, because they don't even understand christmas and they're stealing it from the christian people.
-Christmas is my favorite holiday!
-U don't celebrate you stupid holiday stealer! U celebrate xmas.
by dirty little secret December 18, 2005

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