The x comes from the Greek word xioto meaning Christ it is not meant to take Christ out of the word Christmas just a shorter way of saying it
X-mas sucked this year
Well it is really meant for Jesus
Yea I know
by The church of the fonz December 25, 2010
The multi-religious or non religious version of Christmas. X being the variable 'holiday of choice', or even lack there of. This holiday is celebrated similarly to Christmas, but without the christian beliefs. It is a time of gift giving and spending time with family.
Atheist Jane: Merry X-mas!
Christian Jim: Hahaha, since you're celebrating Christmas it therefore means you believe in Jesus Christ!
Atheist Jane: No way! the X in X-mas can represent anything, not just Christianity so ha!
Christian Jim: touche.
by Malgrif December 25, 2010
This is an abreviation of the word christmas. Generally used by people who are to god damn lazy to write the full word.
x-mas is possibly the best time of the year!
by Jessica Stephens March 10, 2004
A common shortcut of the word Christmas. Also the official term for it in the television series Futurama
X-mas lists
by Demonic_ December 15, 2013
Shortened form of Christmas. Some will tell you that this abbreviation "takes the Christ out of Christmas" but you should not listen to these people since they are probably right-wing zealots who will try to convert you.
Xmas makes poor kids cry when they realize the rich kids get all the good toys, all the good clothes, and all the good cars.
by kate November 22, 2004
Abbreviated form of Christmas. The letter "X" was used by ancient Christians under persecution as a sign of their faith, being a physical representation of the cross. Underground meeting spots usually had an "X" marked on the sidewalk in front. Since celebrating Christmas was illegal and could result in martyrdom, Xmas was an acceptable name for the holiday.
Some super-conservative Christians are so uneducated on their faith's history that you wonder how they can have the balls to persecute others based on spelling, i.e., X-mas.
by bec March 28, 2005
a shorter version of the word Christmas . criticized for it's shortness and the removal of the word Christ . using it when a priest is around is not recommended .
uncool Frank : this Xmas will be bitchin' .

Peter the uptight catholic : May the Lord murder you and your family , my son .
by Bruce008 December 26, 2010

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