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1. n.~ A middle-aged male who delights in abducting and forcing young boys are 6-12 to perform homosexual acts, including but not limited to- fellatio, anal penetration, and sperm swapping.

1. n.~ A serial kidnapper.

1. n.~ Someone who masturbates in public while staring at children.

A xiggie (not to be confused with, but originating from Xiggy in Kingdom Hearts) originated in the online life simulator Second Life when a member of one of its communities (aptly named Xiggie) was found to be a delinquent child predator. With the help of the community, police were able to track him down and find him. Ever since, the community has referred to similar people suspect of such behavior as a 'xiggie'.
"So glad the police caught that xiggie. I was afraid to let my son play in the park with him around!"

"The school put a large wall around the playground to prevent xiggies from watching the children."
by GeneralRection1 May 04, 2012
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