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1. A Chinese term meaning 'thank you' (Pinyin xièxie, traditional 謝謝, simplified 谢谢).

2. The answer to everything, literally.

3. A phenomenon bordering on insanity: It is strongly recommended to Xie Xie in Taipei, especially at weird-looking persons and elderly people. If you Xie Xie a lot, and when you're alone, then you are probably crazy and should see a doctor or get the hell out of Taiwan before it is too late.
Someone gives you a gift and you say, "Xiexie!"
"What you doing tonight?" Xiexie!
"It's time for your presentation." Xiexie!
"Are you losing your mind?" Xiexieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
by Principal of Xiexie University December 17, 2010
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