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Xhamster is a porn site that is catered especially towards faggots. I say this because if you were to search for something like "solo dildo play" the first results are of men destroying their assholes with huge black dildos. These are the search results too with gay and tranny options turned off. This is because these dirty faggots fail to categorize their amateur videos and think straight people want to see them destroying their assholes and gaping them. I have nightmares from the shit I've seen on xhamster. Also since lesbian porn (the best porn) is categorized under "gay" porn turning it off disables most of the lesbian videos from the search (although this may be fixed now but I haven't used the site for a whole because of its flaws and obvious emphasis on anal obsessed faggots).

Visit YouPorn and Xvideos for a site that manages to successfully keep gay porn separated from straight porn.
Goatse? You think goatse is bad? One search result on xhamster "anal" will show something worst.
by Bani December 18, 2013