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Eve-online largest fictional alliance primarily comprised of German and Australian gamers. Xetic is vaguely analogous to the word Xenic (see separate listing). Xetic is however original in a conotation of reasoned and calculating alliance of honest participants surpassing the norms.
A xetic accord was reached among the participating corporations.
by Carl Ballard Swanson March 10, 2005
EVE-Online's most raped allaince. Xetic carebears tend to take it up the ass. When not crok-whoaring Xetic can be found reciving mushroom tatoos via a good cock slap from BoB or FoE.

(Xetic is also know fo their obsession with man love)
Xetic: OMG, u've taken our man hood u mean pirate mean peoples!!!
by Roba April 09, 2005
to leave a place or building or somewhere
dude lets xetic out of here
by KSWIZZLE February 25, 2005
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