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A Beautiful girl. She is simply amazing. She is funny, charming, alluring. she is different as you can tell by the name , but this is what makes her so amazing. Her originality, her creativity. Her mind will blow you away , and so will her kisses. She is the one that's worth it. If your friends, be more then friend, regret will be far from your mind. She is a pretty good kisser too (;
Xena is the missing piece of the puzzle, she completes me.
by ALLUREEE November 25, 2011
18 5
A really chill girl, isn't fake. Doesn't care if others think she's cool or not. Xena has really great style and beautiful eyes. She likes good friends that care, and would never let them down.
Xena the Warrior Princess.
by Mac & Cheeese. November 25, 2010
14 7
The most awesome, funniest, craziest, sexiest, and amazingist person you will ever meet :). You'd would think that she had just drank a couple cans of monster, but really, it's just Xena!!!
When Xena was awake with 4 other guys, 3 minutes later it was only her...
by BallSackBill May 17, 2012
9 3
Originated at Mills College, Oakland CA. Irreversibly Socially Awkward individual. Can be used as an adjective, verb or noun, with reference to either males or females. Defined in 2004.
That Xena bitch was wearing a cape AND stripper shoes.

Elyse you were acting hella Xena when you were pretending to be a zombie yesterday on Toyon Meadow.

Jan, showing up at my window in chucks and your bathing suit is a little Xena, bro.
by Kate n' Nilda May 11, 2008
15 21
The name of the 10th planet. Has it's own moon too, called "Gabriel" very little is known of Xena as of September 2005, other than the fact that it's larger than the 9th planet Pluto.
Xena is a gay name for a planet.
by JPWRana October 04, 2005
41 51
an overly obsessed fan of a rock band with very similar looks to a monkey.
"Ew, look at the gorilla listening to music mommy!"
"Hunny, that's a Xena, not a gorilla."
by iMaChey August 17, 2008
1 20
1. Hot warrior princess i used to beat off to when i was a lad.

2. Sometimes ur playin X-Box with ur buddies, and u have the wicked runs. So, u tell them that u have to go poopy, but they say "No bitch ur guna play this game and ur not guna be a pussy, u expect us to pause this shit???." You cant show weakness, so u comly w/ a slight chuckle, and proceed in playing the game. After a couple minutes, ur colon begins to overflow w/ liquid doodoo butter, and u cant take much more.
Out of nowhere the doodoo starts to leak out from ur hole uncontrollably. U try to play it cool and pretend like nothings wrong, but then ur friends notice a brown liquid formibng benieth you. They laugh. U, being embarassed, rip ur pants off, bend over, and spray them with your butt mud. They, overwhelmed with butt mud fall to the floor and pass out.
After they wake up, u spooge in their eyes, blinding them.

LEt this be a lesson to you all, if ur buddy has to go poo when ur playin X-Box, let him go, just put the game on pause. Because before u kno it, ur bitch ass can be Xenafied.
Crazy dude "I told u to let me shit but u wouldnt let me ahhhhhhhh!"(crazy dude proceeds in Xena-fying his buddies)
by johnson September 04, 2004
63 91