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Slang term for the xbox system - making fun of its size and its capabilities/use in general.
"getting an xbrick? are you sure you have enough room in your house?!"
by beamrider2600 January 22, 2004
41 17
The big, ugly, worthless, waste of money piece of shit system usually known as xbox. If you need something to kill a cow with, this will do just fine.
I killed a steer today with my xbrick.
by Nic September 28, 2003
40 35
When your X-Box has died. Describes An x-box in a particular 'state', following a severe Software or/and hardware failure of the x-box (usually a '360').

Also see:'Bricked'
"I was playing x-box for two hours on a hot day, when all of a sudden the "Three Rings of Death', viola x-brick'.
by lobi March 11, 2008
4 1
See x-box
I just built my new house out of tons of X-Bricks!
by VAN August 19, 2003
7 24