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A female gamer who's only business in gaming is getting attention, usually from younger gamers.
Wow I cant believe Legion666 is such an xboxhoor, I mean hitting on twelve year old boys? She must really be a swampmoose.
by GiJerry78 August 07, 2007
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Any female player who plays Xbox to get attention or impress young naive gamers. Usually no-guygetting females who use the console as a way to make themselves feel good about their shitty no cock getting lives.
Hey did you hear that girl Legion666 she's such a xboxhoor trying to pick up those twelve year olds.
by GiJerry78 August 06, 2007
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A female player who only plays xbox360 for the attention of male players.
Maria16 is such an xboxhoor only playing GoW to get the attention she cant have in real life.
by GmrChick August 17, 2007
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