1. A great place to play friends,make new ones,and play other people around the world !!

2. A place were hundreds of white people can talk shit about black people. Knowing damn well that they won't call me a 'nigger', and say other racist jokes in my face. And if I ever say something about a white person, I'm a 'racists'.

xbox live.....
1. Me: Hey 'blank', good game. Send me a friend request !!!!
'blank' : Yea man, good game !!!

2. Me: Hey Brian, what did we do today in class !?
Brian: 'IDK' even know man, I was asleep!!

3. Me: Hey 'blank', shut the hell up and get a kill. DAMN!!
'Blank': Shut up, you fucking 'nigger'. Go pick some cotton for me !!!
Me: White people are so funny these days! Chill with the racists jokes, 'plz'
'Blank': You calling me a racists ?! You fucking 'porch monkey' !!

My 'gamertag' is..King904...holla bck.
by King904 May 07, 2006
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a hive of scum and villainy
by grathom November 23, 2009
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Xbox live is a system that Microsoft set up so that people can play online world wide/locally with other gamers.It was going great until l people started to:
1) Have the nerve to have slow ass intarnet which effects the whole game

2)Raeg quit and leave the game, (which usually means) that you have to go back to the lobby and wait to get on a good team, AGAIN.

3)The b*tchy little acne ridden 8 year old sh*t-f*cks who go on live to bitch and moan about your tactics, even though they clearly suck.

4)Because of someones retarded Comadore DSL internet connection giving the game genital herpes, its glitching like super man 64, and yes, your obsolete inarnet DOES affect everyone.
This is what people usually deal with on Xbox live.
Bitchy lil kid: AMG!! I didnt see you when you shot me!!!YOU CHEATED, YOU CHEATED!!!! bUTT FEASCE IM GOanna get u bakc for that!!
-After using his camper skills he somehow manages to kill you.-
Bitchy lil kid: SEE SEA!I TOLD YOU!!!! WWWWOOOHOOOO YEAH BUTT FEasce!! woooooo-*This user has been kicked from the game*
Guy: F##ing noobs.
by Nojoo July 11, 2011
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A fast an easy way microsoft use to screw alot of xbox players which dont own a live, neither real or in the internet, and like to pay $60 a year for it.
Man 1: Today I will buy my 60 bucks membership to play online, Xbox Live.

Man 2: Thats so cool!
by belink1 January 10, 2010
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That one place where little kids can swear and rage without being tracked and hung with their own vocal cords
Your average Xbox Live convo:

Kid: *)#^%#(*^$#(_&^#


Hacker: *Finds kids' Personal Info*

The kids are found hung by their vocal chords
by InvisibleWater September 01, 2012
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The cause for many couples breaking up, a total waste of time.

The males spend all their money on games and all their time playing the games.
Favourites being Halo and Brothers in arms and Call Of Duty.

Do not talk to their girlfriends because they are talking to someone in the next room or another country through their stupid headsets.
Xbox live for Xhole (ex-hole)

girl: "so what did u do today?"
boy (playing on xbox live): "whats that tony? its sunny in jamaca"
tony(on headset): "no mate, i love halo"
girl: "we're over"
by Rach123456789 January 20, 2009
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Home to Nerds,Geeks,Online Gangsters,Retarded Yanks, New Borns,Mums and dads. Xbox Live is a war zone you will get abuse shouted at you for no reason. Americans think British people have bad teeth and eat crumpets. Online Gangsters threaten to find out where you live and beat you up. Little Kids swear and think they are cool. Mum's and dads which should be working or looking after there kids and playing xbox instead.
XBL Mum: * baby crying* Wait one minute.
Me: Go look after your baby dumb bitch!

Online Gangster: Mate, i'll come to your house beat you up bruv!
Me: oh no!

Retarded American: You eat tea and crumpets and have bad teeth!
Me: And your fat!

This is Xbox Live!
by Roberto:) March 26, 2011
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