Great online service, with practically 99% uptime.
Too bad Halo 2 is the only game played on XBL at the time. Also flooded with queerbags who talk smack who are protected behind their TV screen, and who don't have the balls to speak such insults face to face.
xbox live

8 Year Old Boy who Gets his Ass Beat Everyday at School: "You fukn nucka, you suck! I'm going to kill you!"

Me:*hits mute button
by STTDWG February 22, 2007
An online gaming network that allows white people to make fun of black people in the safety of their home.
Person 1: "I love being racist on Xbox Live!"
Person 2: "Are you racist everywhere?"
Person 1: "Hellz no. If I say this shit to a black man face-to-face, I'm gonna get wrecked. Use common sense."
by Purple Turkoglu January 19, 2011
A place which has been invaded by 9-year-olds who are ultra-Master Chief fans and sound like Chipmunks, speak non-stop, rap, call people niggers for whopping 'em, sing, say brainless, retarded things about your mum, curse like sailors and like to they're "de best on de whole XBL" but get whopped all the time. but everyone else is OK.
(please note that not all 9-year-olds are like this, thank the lord)
idiot 9-year-old: PWNED U!

teen: "Kills 9-year-old with no effort what so ever"


teen: Yes, we know you're a little retard, now STFU and reach puberty.


teen: Fuck off XBOX live and get a life, when I was your age I had a PS1 and a portable-TV and couldn't believe how lucky I was, kids of the '90s got out more. Oh I pity the kids of the 2000's, I really do.

idiot little kid: FUK U! I DIDN'T ASK 4 UR FUKING LIFE STORY!

teen: And I didn't ask a little retarded baby like yourself to come on XBOX live, fuck off and speak to me when your balls drop.

idiot little kid: FUK U CU..! "teen blocks 9-year-old and files a negative review and complaint against him"
by Iameverywhereyetno-whereatall August 09, 2009
1. An online gaming community for Xbox and Xbox360 users to play games together from around the world for a small fee.

2. An online gaming community where racist, homophobic, arrogant gamers usually hang around. They will attempt to insult random players in the game chatrooms before matches begin and fail to do so by the following: making pitiful mum jokes and overusing the word "faggot". The majority of this type of gamers have yet to reach puberty and play mature rated games, thinking they are hardcore. Some of them even attempt threats into hacking gamers' accounts and believe any player who do not perform as well as they do on any particular game have no right to play it.
*A random day on Xbox Live and in a random game of Halo 3 and a player is having an off day, dying more and killing less than he usually does*


Normal Player: Look, I'm having a bad day. Can you please stop?

Arrogant Player: Shut up, N*****! Yo' ruining my good time with yo' mom!

Normal Player: A joke about my mother. How original, mate.

Arrogant Player: F*** you, faggot.

Normal Player: Y'know what? Come back and talk to me when you have finally managed to grow a brain and fill that empty sack, made of skin, with a pair. *mutes arrogant player and sends file complaint*
by RandomAI April 04, 2010
Living proof that you get what you pay for, Xbox live is the only console gaming network that charges a monthly fee. It is widely considered the best online gaming service due to it's speed and support of chat. Two misconceptions everyone has about Live are:
1. That it is poulated by a bunch of whiney 10 year olds, only a few really chat and are not that bad unless they get pissed off then they're hilarious.
2. It's a scam by moneygrubber Bill Gates, Gates is a huge philanthropist and is very uninvolved in xbox.
Xbox Live, get it or you're not a gamer.
by Doctor! September 11, 2009
A place where logical and heated debates take place. Can be a place of relaxation or a place to throw down the gloves and have at it. The average age of a person with Xbox Live is 25, but that is because of all the children lying about ages.
Person 1: I was playing on Xbox Live and we were debating if yeast infections are normal in men.
Person 2: WTF!?
by xXBabyGeezuzXx August 18, 2010
Xbox Live is a device created by Microsoft to set back man's evolution; making him angry, competitive, and hormonal. This substance, or "drug" causes mood swings depending on the win/lose ratio of the individual playing. Xbox Live is also very addictive. No matter how angry the individual becomes, they will always come crawling back.

Xbox Live is also becoming the new "E-Harmony" or "".
1. "Another suicide sir."
"What is it this time?"
"Poor bastard ODed on Xbox Live and shot up his apartment and himself"

2. "Xbox Live offers 9 dimensions of compatability!"
by Crackischeap June 29, 2010

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