The Xbox 360 was the first next-gen console to appear, but it could not take full advantage of this head-start. Despite appearing in 2005, it has so far failed to gain massive support - mostly thanks to an unspectacular set of games. Now it seems doomed to fall behind thanks to the sheer power of the PS3 (MGS 4, anyone?) and the supreme originality of the Wii. Halo 3 might prolong its life thanks to fanboys, but Sony and Nintendo are already set to rule the next-gen war in 2007.
'Okay, we've got Dead Rising... and Halo 3, when that comes out... and lots of PS2 games that are prettier on the X-box 360 than on the PS2.'
'Yeah, but... the PS3 has MGS 4. And just look at the Wii's controller.'
'Damn. We're screwed. Still, I can't wait for MGS 4...'
by madmurch September 19, 2006
The successor to Microsoft's Xbox. Set to be released this November, will be the first next-gen console out on the market.

Also commonly known as Xbox 1.5
Microsoft seems to think that being the first console out will make them the winner in the next-gen console wars, but it takes more than just being the first out the door to be proclaimed the winner (just look at what happened to the Dreamcast).

Judging by what has been seen so far, many people have been left less than impressed. They're gonna learn the hard way what it means to be Sony's bitch. Sony will crush them like little punk ass roaches.
by I forget May 15, 2005
God's gift to video games.

All those who think it is a 400 dollar way to play Halo3 is retarded. The ps3 is a 600 dollar way to play...................... oh wait there are no games for the ps3. And any games they did have are availible for the 360 too and some are now exclusive to the 360.
The Xbox 360 pwns the Ps3.

For the price if a PS3 you could buy a Wii and a 360.
by SeanGE June 19, 2007
A next-generation gaming system that will be competing with mostly the Nintendo Revolution. PS3 is out of the race. Not innovative in controls or gameplay but the graphics are slightly improved. Plus you get an arcade where you can buy bejeweled for 15 dollars, that's a deal!

Bottomline, It's last years Xbox with better graphics.
ZOMG, t's teh xbox 360 it teh roxx0rs look I bought pac-man for a dicount of a dollar for 19.99 that rox!
by aZm November 18, 2005
Basically Microsoft's next big fat console that allows blood-thirsty players to play blood-filled killing games. Will emulates incredible details and graphics of death, mutilation, blood, infiltration, conspiration, explosion, planet novas, killing and prostitution. You will have to choice between two packs: $300 for the console, a card, a wired controller and a frisbee, or the damn expensive so-good-its-from-microsoft $400 that contains everything you need in your life.

Ideal for the asswhole family.
-hey man i cant wait for xbox360 to come out!!1
-what games are you looking for?
-games?! for cares about games look i can play my rap music while i shoot pedestrians in the head before their children
-your sick
-fuck you bitch look at those graphics you can see the organs falling out form their bodies!!1
by alekies August 27, 2005
an incredible, powerful sysytem
will destroy sony and there gay butt sex ways
it has so many capabilites just sony fans are to busy taking it up the ass while playing Jak 40 or some other faggot game and stuffin thousands dollars worth of confusing computer "cells" to notice
wats up man u gunna get an xbox 360
yea dude or a Wii but FUCK SONY
by ehfkjfkjdhdj November 21, 2006
Console that that has slightly upgraded graphics over the Xbox (sorta like the PS2 when it came out over the PS1). Has a shitload of useless crap that no one will know how to use, but free xbox live is cool.
Xbox 360 looks like it will be a flop. Mainly because it has a lot of useless bells and whistles.
by chrisguy May 20, 2005

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