a piece of shit game console invented by microsoft,has like five billion problems with it and has terrible graphics and its controller looks like bill gates cock
gamer:lets go play halo at my house on my xbox 360

cool guy:fuck no u faggot imma go play uncharted 2 on my ps3

gamer:u suck

cool guy:fuck u say! *punch in da face*
by drakeps3hd3 October 24, 2009
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Basically Microsoft's next big fat console that allows blood-thirsty players to play blood-filled killing games. Will emulates incredible details and graphics of death, mutilation, blood, infiltration, conspiration, explosion, planet novas, killing and prostitution. You will have to choice between two packs: $300 for the console, a card, a wired controller and a frisbee, or the damn expensive so-good-its-from-microsoft $400 that contains everything you need in your life.

Ideal for the asswhole family.
-hey man i cant wait for xbox360 to come out!!1
-what games are you looking for?
-games?! for cares about games look i can play my rap music while i shoot pedestrians in the head before their children
-your sick
-fuck you bitch look at those graphics you can see the organs falling out form their bodies!!1
by alekies August 27, 2005
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Console that that has slightly upgraded graphics over the Xbox (sorta like the PS2 when it came out over the PS1). Has a shitload of useless crap that no one will know how to use, but free xbox live is cool.
Xbox 360 looks like it will be a flop. Mainly because it has a lot of useless bells and whistles.
by chrisguy May 20, 2005
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1)The next version of Xbox with slightly upgraded visuals and wireless controllers (see xbox 1.5). It was named 360 in order outdo Sony's PS3 (also known as PS2.5).
2)A giant mettalic tampon (that plays video games too!)
1) Person 1: OMG Check out teh graphics on my Xbox 360
Person 2: Wow... That looks like it can be an Xbox game.
Person 1: OMG WTF!! *slaps person 2*
2) Person 1: Sweet, check out my tampon... it plays videogames !!
Person 2: Wow...
by KaizerOumft May 22, 2005
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The Next generation game platform for the X-Box. The graphics look only slightly better then The X-Box (Unlike the PS3 which takes graphics to the boundarys of games. Gameplay looks like a freaking CG movie!!) but the X-Box 360 has more features than the PS3, but anyone that saw the Killzone 2 trailor would agree, PS3 takes the cake.
(BTW, I know that the Killzone Trailor wasn't really on the PS3, but it is what it will look like)
X-Box 360 will push gaming to a new level, but the PS3 will push it even further, and no one really knows about the Revolution, so I'm not saying anything about Nintendo.
by The True Spikes July 29, 2005
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The Xbox 360 is so fucking lame.
ps3 is so much better and has more things on
it then the xbox does. so in your face.

Tony: Dued wtf im going to get a ps3
Larry: Dued xbox360 is so much better
::Drop kicks Larry in the face::
by Sarrahh April 27, 2008
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A console created by Microsoft and Bill Gates when they realized the Xbox wasn't bringing them enough money. The Xbox 360 has graphics that are only slightly better than the Xbox. Despite this, it is almost twice the price of an Xbox.

This console will be primarily purchased by sheep who enjoy being brainwashed by big corporations. Smart people who wish to save their money will mod their xboxes and pirate free xbox games until the 360 drops in price.

It should also be noted that this console was cheaply manufactured in China, and is sold to Americans for highway robbery prices, which explains the crashes and dreaded "screen of death."
Oh man. I paid $300 for an Xbox 360 and the graphics for DOA 4 don't look much better than DOA Ultimate! I should have saved my money!
by transduction June 04, 2006
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