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A wide spread epidemic which is leading to teenagers sitting in there damn houses all frigin day playing this amzaing console. It is the devil and i believe america will continue to get fatter if all these super sweet systems come out.
Friend: What are you doing today after school?

You: Well guy i just got xbox 360 and xbox live hooked up and im gonna go home and pwn some people on call of duty 2.

Friend: Are you sure you dont want to leave your house. I mean its only been 5 1/2 months since you came outside.

You: Yeah im good.
by Haywood J Blowme October 24, 2006
The worst console of this generation. Expect bricking, no games, and loads of false promises. Stay away from. Buy a Wii or Playstation 3 instead.
Tom: "Did you buy a Xbox 360?"

Bill: "No, I don't buy piles of shit compressed into a box"
by anonymous3312 May 13, 2007
The only box teenage boys would play with over their girlfriend's.
Girlfriend: Jake, I just got that new Lingerie I ordered from the Victorias Secret catalog, want to try it out?
Jake (on xbox 360): Cant you see I'm about to prestige here woman!
by Sully12345 August 01, 2011
easily the worst console in current gen. PS3 in second and Wii in #1 the 360mis so stupid you have to pay for wifi(known as live on the console) it's freaking microsoft and you haave to pay for freaking internet?! stupid.
xbox 360 is terrible as all hell
by Tehtrekd June 23, 2011
Xbox 360 a.k.a. Xbox please fix me, xbox 3shitty or fagbox3shitty. One other the suckiest next-gen counsel(behind the wii). The system that only cheap ass americans buy. Almost completely non existent in japan. Only have to good games for it which are halo3 (the most overrated game in gaming history) and gears of war 2 which is exactly the same as gear of war 1. The console that overheats, scratches discs, won't read games, freezes, makes a lot of noise, shuts off during gameplay, and display several different error messages. Also, the most expensive console on the market. Must buy pricy firt party add-ons. No harddrive, no wifi, no standard rechargeable controller, no HD player, no games. The only good thing about xbox is xbox live but you have to pay $50 a year to receive this service. Also, the most un-innovative system out. Must steal ideas from other consoles.

In short, the xbox just sucks.
Douchbag #1 yo, can I come over to play ur xbox 360 cuz mine is broke.
Douchbag #2 na, dude mine is broke too. Besides there are no good games to play.
Douchbag#1 damn dude, that a good point.....maybe we should buy a ps3
Douchbag#2 na dude, I'm too much of a prick to buy one.
by Ricofiasco February 13, 2009
A Superhigh next generation console, successor to the Xbox 359. You will also need to be earning a 12 figure salary to even afford one, not only that though the power pack will be roughly the size of a small nuclear power plant as in all previous 359 consoles it has got bigger everytime.
Yapstarr: You seen those new Xbox 360's?
Shorty P: As if, i only just got an Xbox 359 a few months ago.
by Yapstarr November 29, 2006
Nothing more than a Xbox will improved visuals. See Xbox 1.5.

Xbox 360 maintains the same gameplay experience as Xbox, PS2, and Gamecube.
by buttseckz January 03, 2006
Something that makes you turn 360 degrees and walk away
Why do they call it the Xbox 360? Because when you see it, you turn 360 degrees and walk away.
by bootfuck November 09, 2009