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Bill Gates first games-console entry into the video-games industry.

Microsoft's PC in a box, plug N play no longer "plug n pray" is a brave and interesting debut into this still infant industry.

Initially a slow start at launch, Xbox has picked up somewhat and is currently in second place to Sony's PS2 with Nintendo's Game Cube trailing third place in the next-genertion of console wars.

It has a number of titles under it belt, along with some solid aquisitions and merges, it's a good all round performer, and currently the most powerful games machine around to date.

Now universally available is Xbox live, which has become very popular amongst gamers worldwide.

As they say, power is money and money is power, like it or not Xbox is here to stay.
Do not underestimate the power of Xbox.
The truth is out there!
by Bruce Lee March 28, 2003
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The best gameing console period. It is a computer that can be easily modded. Hardrive can upgraded and many games can be saved on it. Many programs have been written for the x-box wich can be downloaded for free.
I just bought a 120gig HD for my x-box!
by Ground Rat October 25, 2003
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