One who supports the xbox for no apparant reason, without any proof. See also: dipshit
Andy is such an XBOX fanboy. He says Xbox is better than PS2, when we all know he is in denial.
by Ben Rust December 07, 2004
Top Definition
Normally a 12 year old who has never played a video game prior to HALO, and believes its the best system ever just because they think HALO is the best game ever.
I don't care if the XBOX has only 3 good exclusives....XBOX pwns PS2/NGC because it has better graphics !
by Ass Goblin February 10, 2005
Should be killed upon sight.
Fucking kill them upon sight.
by PeaTearGriffin April 21, 2005
Someone who blindly agrees with anything and everything concerning an Xbox that is positive. Tends to ignore reason, much like other fanboys. Relys on personal assaults to fend off valid accusations against his "baby".

See gamecube fanboy and playstation 2 fanboy
olololololol the xbox r bettar tehn any system!!!!!!!!
by Incarncarne April 19, 2005
They say that the Xbox is the best console out there just because the graphics are the best. The Ps2 has the best games, and the Gamecube has the best exclusives. They don't understand this because their brain is way to small!
Halo pwns ALL bcuz It has liek pwn ass graphs WTF LIET!
by MMaRsu May 08, 2005
One who, most likely, does not have the mental capacity to learn how to spell 'consoles.'
Me: Oh, so you're an Xbox fanboy?
Dumbass: Yes, I am! *falls down, dead*
Me: Hah! Thats what you get!
by Du Rag April 03, 2005
A kid who only ever talks about Xbox. Goddamnit all they ever talk about is Xbox Live and Halo cuz it's all they've got and Halo isn't even that great!
Damn that xbox fanboy was chatting so much shit about playing Xbox Live and Halo I had to tell him how hairy is mum is.
by Hawke September 10, 2005
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