bullshit palace.....the source of all 56k'ers that don have a good connection for better stuff to do....
gurl A: *makes Loser sign*
by midget April 06, 2004
an online web journal where people post to talk to themselves or to show others their problems. usually includes "i'm bored" or "i finally updated" in most entries. if people don't post a picture of themselves on their xanga, it tells you that they're either really ugly or they're ashamed of how they look.
heY GuYz chEk ouT MaH XanGA!
by kevin February 07, 2004
A place where 14-year-old kids talk about... everything. And people who think they are so smart that they have to talk "proper" and use big words so that they can prove the little 14 year olds that they are better "xangerz" than them. When in reality, the 14 year olds are the ones that have the better layouts, and the smartasses have they gay ugly pages. (They try to get you with their intelligence.)
14-year-old kid's comment from someone: hey! pr0pz! I luv ur payj! its hellza cool!! howd you make your banner?? o ya, sorri 2 here bout yer boyfriend! prop me bakk!

smartasse's comment from soemone: I agree with what you posted. Childish absurdities is a total waste of time.

HAHAHA... p.s. IM the smartass... with no life *sigh* AND i AM incredibly jealous of those damn little kids!
by Karen April 03, 2004

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