Online journal where a young teenage n00b can start a shitty webpage to vent and ramble on, that they have to update every damn day. They think that people care and actually read them... to their dismay, NO ONE DOES. Damn, Gina.
Excuse me, Shaqueefa, I absolutely must go and update my Xanga. I haven't for 5 minutes now... what was I thinking?! My subscribers will be sorely dissapointed in me!
by Asholio January 12, 2004
where ppl talk about every move they make
i woke up and picked up bob and billy then we went to starbucks then we went to the mall to meet up with john and jane. then i had to drop off billy and jane. then me bob and john went to the movies. and then i went home, and called jane. after that talked online to john. and then i went to sleep.
by anisa December 04, 2003
A web log (see blog) that is...

1) used to record pointless and retarded things that happen every single day
2) used to record the places an emo 12-year-old cuts himself
3) mostly full of utter crap nobody wants to know
4) overrated
5) something that everyone seems to have
Every other definition has exellent examples. XD
by Kitty April 24, 2005
There are lots of asians who speak in xanga-ese, using works like jux and mai. There are lots of Christians who use words like Reliant K. Even if you are scared of these people, Xanga is way more fun than Friendster.
I'm stalking this hot Hawaian lesbian on xanga!!!
by Smoose March 24, 2004
"NOT Santa"
"I am not Xanga Clause, I am Mr. J. (JOSEPH) Bloggs"
by paul barrett November 28, 2003
An online diary, usually by teens that:

-complain about their life
-say how much their life sucks
-claim that they want to die
-advertise how special they are
-showoff they're special too, like everyone else
-contains VERY bad web design
Go visit her xamga, she's threatening to kill herself again!
by Atticus July 12, 2003
something very gay for tree huggers
Im gay...I like xanga....DOnt kill animals
by Tyler March 07, 2005

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