A place where people steal livejournal icons/graphics and hot links them all over their own xanga without ever giving credit to the owner.
Some even go as low as claiming them as his/hers.
xanger user: "these icons are made by me, don't forget to credit!"

LJ user: "um...these icons are actually made by me."

xanger: "omfgstfubitch!!!Leave me alone you wh0re!"
by huar August 22, 2005
A place wear people go to post and bitch about life...the cool people...post less often due to their "cool" lives...the uncool people religeaus stalk these "cool" people too see how, they too can be cool.

Also a place to stalk exboyfriends/girlfriends
*Girl to herself*- Hm I wonder what Jimmy is doing......*checks his coments*

Foxybigred:Hey Jimmy last night was so great, I just love you so much


5 mintues later

*GIRL*- Jimmy i am sorry that was so out of line...hope we can still be friends
by Sweetcheeks February 27, 2005
The white trash of all online diaries.
I got a Xanga for a while but it sucked so much ass i went back to Livejournal.
by boobies February 27, 2005
Bitches' version of Myspace, usually by younger people who think they're coo.
Me-My little sis has a Xanga

Some Guy- Of Course
by DENVER CHOLO XIII September 15, 2006
A place to write stuff.. alot like deadjournal, livejournal, diaryland, diaryx, mydiary, etc.

1. They write about why they're life is so horrible.
2. Write reminders.
3. Write poems.
4. Lie about social life.
5. Everything they did in detail.
6. Pretend they had a bf/gf and brag.
7. Brag.
1. I want to die. I hate my self. I cut myself. I pretend to be gothic.
2. Remember to go to the dentist next month.
3. I saw a cow, i don't know how, then i said wow, im a cow.
4. Im so popular i made out with jack hes so hot and popular.
5. First i got up. I pulled the sheets from my body. I then put on some slippers. I walked in to the bathroom and peered at the tile. I sat down on an ivory chair and relieved myself. Wiping my bottem with my hand and flushing to toilet.
6. OMFG i went out with john/jane and i totally went all the way!
7. i got my hair dyed blue and you didn't and i live in a mansion and you don't. hahahahahahahaa
1) The CNN.com of the gossip circuit.
2) Delayed chat rooms for people who have no life.
"So dude, that thing you xanga'd me was sooooo wrong...."
by Nicole September 08, 2004
Most make it a diary/journal type of site. Some jus put random things up which is better. The damn people who just post about their everyday lives really dont have any. They talk about whatever the hell they can come up with or remember. And when entries are 'emotional' its just because they JUST have to let everyone who might come across know it. Now, some xanga's are nice, with interesting pics, comical things, BUT most are lame and boring. Those people get ADDICTED to the damn thing!
Cool xanga: Checl this out (Pics laid out) We went there LAst week, it was great. Or... Kobe, he's the best (pic) Or... jus random, non boring things.
Lame xanga: Cheesy music playing/all text on all entries. Like... Today I felt so bad for doing that to Jasmine but she knew Mark was... Or... Im tired of trying to give you another chance, I know you love me and Bull S#!T
by jonathan L. April 16, 2004

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