Xanga is an online journal (otherwise known as a Blog) where people of ALL ages and ALL races, etc, can document their feelings, emotions, and life. It is like writing in a conventional diary or journal, only via the internet. While there are many stereotypes associated with Xangans (the popular, most used term for Xanga users) none of them are accurate.

- background of Xanga -

>>>>Xanga originated back in 1999 as a site for sharing book and music reviews. Driven by member preferences, it quickly morphed into a full-scale blog site, but it retains a marvelous ability to share reviews. Just name the song, movie, or book that interests you and Xanga grabs a link to Amazon.com, including a thumbnail of the cover. Xanga aggregates the links into a Top 50 list. Click the xTools button in the Links toolbar to comment on the site you're visiting, or post to your blog via e-mail. The attractive, fully WYSIWYG editor permits easy insertion of smileys, symbols, and links, and it automates the process of uploading and including images. You can try a free Xanga site, then upgrade to get more features and no ads.

It's easy to locate like-minded people among Xanga's 2.5 million users by checking out its blog rings. Members with similar interests can subscribe to one another's blogs (when someone subscribes or unsubscribes, you're notified). Xanga also gives the ability to subscribe without notification, a way to try a blog without risking offending the blogger by unsubscribing. Visitors can comment on your posts or give "eProps" to especially good ones.<<<<
ex.1 - I found some cool codes for my Xanga!

ex.2 - Hey, I put our pictures up in my Xanga! Check them out...
by Esther June 12, 2004
A place where people write about things they do, politics, anything. It depends what you write about that could either make it a good habit or a bad one. You meet lots of weird people and most are "lifeless" psychos (the more you post the more loserish you become... in some cases).
Oooh, this frikker keeps posting on my xanga!!
by ViCtoRia!! May 26, 2004
a website that i use to let pple kno how miserable and pointless my life is
wow, my friend got shot 2day, thats definitly goin on my xanga
by mike March 03, 2004
The bottom of the barrel of blogs. It's incredible that the user base is able to write so much, yet say so little. I have to give a bit of kudos though, considering the fact that many of the users have the reading comprehension of a bowl full of pubes.
Steve honestly did have the reading comprehension of a bowl full of pubes, which made his Xanga an admirable effort
by Nic, on behalf of Maddox February 14, 2006
It started off as a journalsite but is now formerly known for their icon thieves, who are stealing icons from Livejournal users.
Pretty often, those people join webrings to promote their xangas with their icon collections.
Not all are hotlinking. And not everbody claims them as their icons. They are basically just too lazy to make their own icons and have no respect at all in artwork.
LJ User1:
Oh man, I know. I am so sick of all the mass hotlinking that seems to be the only thing that Xanga is used for! I lost count of how many times some random person came to my journal and commented with something like, "Um, hey, just so you know, there's a shitload of your icons hotlinked over --here--," and if they hadn't've told me, I wouldn't've known about it.

Also, the fact that Xanga appears completely useless and stupid is just kind of accentuated by this sort of thing, and just sours me toward it more.

LJ User2:
holy crap these sites make me REALLY pissed off
and their entry makes me laugh
"im having problems uploading icons"
UPLOAD?! LOL! no trouble THERE when you're just hotlinking! is "uploading" POSTING them on their "sites" to them?! LOL pppppppahtetic -____-
by ~dominique January 02, 2006
A place for people who are despised by the majority of those who know them to further enhance their reputation as being completely worthless to society. A typical xanga page will contain one or more of the following :

a) diary entry for every single fucking day of the year
b) emotional outburts about problems that are usually only cause concern to 1st graders.
c) post pictures of themselves, confirming the suspicion that they are in fact ugly ( as 99% of xanga users are)
d) post comments on their "friends" pages, since obviously actually talking them would be too normal.
a) so today i got up and had breakfast...then i liek had a shower ( water was lukewarm) ...then liek i watched my the o.c. dvd collection for the 32nd time..OMG Seth is so hooot. Then i went to the mall and bought my 7th pair of faded jeans...then i came back home and for liek dinner we had liek roast chicken. Oh I fRgOt ItS CoOl To TyPe LiEk ThIs.
c)here are more pictures that will no doubt make you want to kill me twice, with a rusty spoon.
d) OMG I GOT A COMMENT *orgasm*
by Brown May 06, 2005
a place to write down thoughts, an online journal. the only problem is, once you write these thoughts down your in trouble. everyones nosey and will read it. assumption may occur that ur talkin bout them, or may think ur cocky. whatever- xanga just causes trouble. its funny, it also gives people to put themselves out there with there picture of their "ass" or "sex pose" and have billions of viewers either get horny or call them hoes or sluts. is that the image u really want them to view u as? if not then don't post shit like that. then people get all mad n shii " don't call me this" ugh, u put urself out there LOL. so really ur asking them for opinion, right? <b>XANGA</b> EQUALS <u>DRAMA/CONFLICT</u> whatever! if u wanna be on the safe side just write something simple lol.
gosh, don't u love my cute outfit? ignore that thong in the pic. people these days who smoke are soo cool i wanna do it too!
by kissmyass January 02, 2005
a cool place on the internet to vent, tell about your life, and keep in touch with people you don't usually see.
most of my friends and i keep xangas so we can know what is going on without spending countless hours on the phone.
by Aust of M August 08, 2004

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