Xanga is an online journal (otherwise known as a Blog) where people of ALL ages and ALL races, etc, can document their feelings, emotions, and life. It is like writing in a conventional diary or journal, only via the internet. While there are many stereotypes associated with Xangans (the popular, most used term for Xanga users) none of them are accurate.

- background of Xanga -

>>>>Xanga originated back in 1999 as a site for sharing book and music reviews. Driven by member preferences, it quickly morphed into a full-scale blog site, but it retains a marvelous ability to share reviews. Just name the song, movie, or book that interests you and Xanga grabs a link to Amazon.com, including a thumbnail of the cover. Xanga aggregates the links into a Top 50 list. Click the xTools button in the Links toolbar to comment on the site you're visiting, or post to your blog via e-mail. The attractive, fully WYSIWYG editor permits easy insertion of smileys, symbols, and links, and it automates the process of uploading and including images. You can try a free Xanga site, then upgrade to get more features and no ads.

It's easy to locate like-minded people among Xanga's 2.5 million users by checking out its blog rings. Members with similar interests can subscribe to one another's blogs (when someone subscribes or unsubscribes, you're notified). Xanga also gives the ability to subscribe without notification, a way to try a blog without risking offending the blogger by unsubscribing. Visitors can comment on your posts or give "eProps" to especially good ones.<<<<
ex.1 - I found some cool codes for my Xanga!

ex.2 - Hey, I put our pictures up in my Xanga! Check them out...
by Esther June 12, 2004
Like live journal, but more Asian.
Those Asians love their Xangas
by JakeStar April 22, 2005
I don't see why everybody's saying that it's only asians who type with alternating capitals and bad spelling that post there, since I do and I type with almost flawless spelling and grammar and I don't complain about my life or talk about my suicidal tendencies. I use it to get things down on "paper" so I can keep track of my life when it gets too hectic. In any case, my definition of "xanga" is simply an internet based diary that other people (who choose to) can read and comment on. I admit, it is dominated by poser asian 12-year-olds, but there are plenty of people who just use it to express themselves because it's more convenient than a diary or journal. Beleive it or not, some people actually DO care and not everyone there is a preppy asian girl without a life. End of story.
My xanga:

Hello...I think this is a good way to express myself. I also like to keep a wtch on my brother's stupid girlfriend. Habits are hard to break....especially the "..." at all my returns.....oops....
by Erin January 13, 2004
A live-journal type website that people use to complain about their pathetic lives.

It was once popular, until myspace took over, where they could not only complain about their lives, but also put pictures up of them being "depressed" and "emo" because their lives "suck."
Xanga Entry:

Like OMG!!!!! My life suxz soo much!!111 My 'rents wont let me go 2 teh movie with Josh!!11!!1 I just wanna die! No one understands me!! blah blah blah blah.............
by seth_cohen_fan January 11, 2006
i like to self-adulate every aspect of myself on a web journal while telling people about my problems when 20% of them don't care and the other 80% are glad i have them!
1) I'ma BLONDE now! i look so, different? Fits so well with me.

2) Monday, February 14, 2005
Ahem... Today was FUCKING retarded. Every FUCKING moment of it. SHIT I think that I was FUCKING pmsing or something... God DAMN this FUCKING SHIT. I wanna FUCKING kill my FUCKING SELF. Why was I FucKING born this way? Why does people have to be such FUCKING jerks. SHIT! DAMN I FUCKing hate myself. Shiet...
7:20 PM - 46 eprops - 23 comments

Note: These are actual weblog entries.
by ark February 28, 2005
Xanga is:
1. A weblog community. More specifically its a site used to maintain a diary/journal.

Xanga is not:
1.To be hated on:
A. You're a jerk if you post negative things about something so brilliant.
B. You probably own a live journal.
C. Just jealous Xanga is better.

2. Only a place where asian teeny boppers roam.

3. Only your average blog. It's a community.

Such views are expressed by ignorant individuals who in fact owned or considered owning a Xanga. The fact they know all this is because they've been to a couple hundred xanga pages in the past couple of months.
I updated my Xanga yesterday.
by JNX September 02, 2005
The bottom of the barrel of blogs. It's incredible that the user base is able to write so much, yet say so little. I have to give a bit of kudos though, considering the fact that many of the users have the reading comprehension of a bowl full of pubes.
Steve honestly did have the reading comprehension of a bowl full of pubes, which made his Xanga an admirable effort
by Nic, on behalf of Maddox February 14, 2006

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