A slang term (pronounced "zan") that refers to the often abused perscription drug Xanax (alprazolam). This shortened version of the name is used almost exclusively by those involved with the drug recreationally. On Anerican black markets, one will hear the terms "xan" or "bars" more often than "xanax" or "alprazolam." The origin of this abbreviation is unknown, but it likely came about due to the fact that one who is acutely intoxicated on xanax might be incapable of pronouncing the longer names.
OFFICER: "License and registration please..."

SOME GUY: "Uh......a...re.......eg..."

OFFICER: "Sir, are you okay?"

SOME GUY: "Uh.....uh.....xan"

OFFICER: "xan?"

SOME GUY: "Uh...xan"

OFFICER: "Come with me"
by DXMan997 August 16, 2015
A Asian girl that is pretty tall to be a asian. A girl that doesn't know what kind of asian she totally is. A girl thats friendly!
Xan is a very tan person, who tans very well.
by Bubblerose December 07, 2010
(Zan-es) an abbreviated word for Xanax
"And I got way too many feelings, way too much emotion
All this Xans inside my body..."
by darkluz June 17, 2016
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