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Slang for the word Cross-Land.

To be an X-Land, is to be a person that follows others around aimlessly like a lost puppy.

An X-Land is unable to make sexy-time with the opposite sex due to lack of intrest and/or inability to have an erection.

An X-Land also hovers behind you as you eat, making you extremely uncomfortable and can scare your chalupa right out your ass.

An X-Land may spit on you as they talk, try to keep your distance.

An X-Land never stands like a normal Human Being, they will always stand much like Morpheus from The Matrix with their hands behind them, this makes an X-Land easy to spot from afar.

An X-Land is not capable of being productive, and is not good at their job.

The only way to defend youself from an X-Land is to throw up your arms in a big "X" and repetedly yell "X-LAND, X-LAND I cast you out, you X-LAND."
"The other day that X-Land followed me around doing nothing as I ate my taco. When i turned around, he was so close behind me, I thought he was going to kiss me"

"I caught this one guy smoking a cigarette, drinking a Diet Coke, Whacking-off, while praying to Jesus as he watched a guy fuck a donkey in the ass. Fucking X-Land..."

ME- "Hey X-Land, what you thinking?"
X-Land- "....."
ME- "Thats what I thought."

by ai-KILLER-md November 08, 2006
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