X is often the symbol written across the hand of someone who is under 21 in a bar, as an alert to the bartender that that person may not drink alcohol.

Also used by straight edge kids who show their devotion to the straight edge way by drawing Xs across their hands, when not in bars.
Example not available for this definition.
by Rouxbijou August 09, 2004
Short for Extreme
Skater :'Whoa! that kickflip across the roof was x!'
by Evil-Ernie June 06, 2003
A letter used in online handles when said name is already taken in order to be able to still use the name without adding several different numbers or extra letters that would otherwise confuse the person. Let's face it, when it comes to simple things like remembering your new online account, you really don't want to have to remember 32443278916 just because some other cock suppering whore stole Dan_the_man... although if thats your email (and I'm sorry if it offends you) but you're not really emailing anyone anyways...
Xdan_the_manX writes: hey
jimmy writes: what's with the X's?
Xdan_the_manX writes: some jerk stole dan_the_man and I wouldn't remember the numbers that follow my name, I can barely remember my own password
jimmy writes: wow dude, that's pathetic.
Xdan_the_manX writes: stfu dick
Xdan_the_manX writes: hello?
Xdan_the_manX writes:where'd you go?
by j-j-j-james brown May 19, 2008
something that must be found
Teacher: "Class, please find x."
Student: "Is it in your pants?"
Teacher: "-_-"
by Daniel Benyamini June 09, 2008
1. The one who will, sooner or later, give it to ya.
2. Dead man walking.
3. A militant, right-wing, neo-Fascist.
4. The Devil, and doing the Devil's work.
5. The guy who loves every minute of his job. Ooo Rah!
Yo X, can you believe I married Red?
by spanky4679 November 30, 2005
A symbol meaning affirmative or appealling. Can be signalled with the crossing of the arms forming an X. It can be used to state "Yes" or to distinguish someone as being very appealling.

The antonym is O signifying "Out" or "No".
1) Are you in for lunch today? I am X.
2) Did you see that girl in the tight dress? She was a complete X.
by Smooterless4life May 08, 2009
the only sex chromosomes the the female species has
all 'dem bitches gots X's
by James Carpenter March 18, 2003

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