A kiss
Tx for the many definitions of x in defiance of logic. Affectionately. x
by Hercolena Oliver December 28, 2008
a letter which is completely unnecessary, because "z" and "cks" already exist. Q, c, ph, gh, oux, and the e at the end of words are also completely unnecessary.
1. sex can be transformed into secks
2. xylophone is just a ridiculous word
3. people should have had a different letter for "sh" and "ch," not add ridiculous superfluous ones just for the heck of it.
by smilee62991 August 03, 2007
"There goes the x right there.", one might say upon catchin' some foo, hater, bitch boy, richie, enemy, etc., slippin'.
by Silent Ninja c1998 July 15, 2003
Universally used to represent the unknown, ranging from variables in mathematic equations to personality profiling. The uses of X can be traced back to Greek and Roman math.
"14x+(41/3x/x)*7 = 3.14159"
"The patient in question has an X personality, or one that cannot be categorized."
by Shadowrunner July 16, 2004
1. Xzibit.
2. Most common letter to use as a variable.
3. Ecstacy
4. Extreme
1. "Let's listen to sum X."
2. "2x + 5x = 7x"
3. "Are you on X?"
4. "I'm going in the BMX comp at this months X-Games."
by Im-port August 27, 2003
blue and yellow purple pills
I took some X so I can roll away like a rollerblade, till my eyes roll back in my skull for days.
by TheBynumProject August 13, 2008
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