Used as a prefix and/or suffix to online nicknames usually belonging to females who crave attention. Many can and usually are used at a time and vary in capitalization.



by khayra-b February 13, 2007
A letter.
It comes after "W" and before "Y".
by IcY June 10, 2003
1. (prep) multiplied by
2. (n) radio station that plays the same four songs every hour
3. (adj) used to describe an object that prevents work from being done
4. (n) the archnemesis of O in Tic Tac Toe
5. (adj) located between a Z and a C
6. (n) a strike on Family Feud
7. (n) a mark on a scholastic examination that indicates "Wrong answer, Dumbass!"
8. (n) a letter in a naughty word - most commonly U, C, or K
9. (n) a kiss (plural XX or XXX)
X. (n) the Roman numeral ten
1. 5 X 2 = 10
2. You're listening to 102.1 - The X! That was the latest from Linkin Park. Coming up next hour, it's...Linkin Park. But first, here's "Jeremy" by Pearl Jam on 102.1 - The X!
3. I just got a new game for the X Box.
5. I need to press the X key once to type this sentence.
6. Show me...potato salad! (X)
X 7. The capital of Florida is F.
8. I don't give a fXXX what you think about this fXXXing definition!
9. I love you XXX
X. 10
by BeardedFatass January 12, 2004
an insane woman probably originally named christina, who changed her name to X-tina after the christina auguilera era, then dropped the -tina, to now be known as "X". Commonly recites the phrase that X gonna give it to ya, and probably knows how to get down.
Person 1 : Yo did u see that girl starting fights at the bar Sadies? She even punched that dude in the face!

Person 2: Yea man don't you know who that is? Thats X, and she's known to give it to ya, so don't be messin' wit her.
by Gunit12344321 May 11, 2009
A letter that can be inserted at random intervals in any English compound word to make it cool.
The word "teakettle" is not cool. The word "teaxkettle" is.
by Xfish April 19, 2007
A kiss
Tx for the many definitions of x in defiance of logic. Affectionately. x
by Hercolena Oliver December 28, 2008
a letter which is completely unnecessary, because "z" and "cks" already exist. Q, c, ph, gh, oux, and the e at the end of words are also completely unnecessary.
1. sex can be transformed into secks
2. xylophone is just a ridiculous word
3. people should have had a different letter for "sh" and "ch," not add ridiculous superfluous ones just for the heck of it.
by smilee62991 August 03, 2007

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