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21st century shortcut for the suffix of a plural word ending in k or c
pics is now pix, tricks trix etc
by xfactorr February 04, 2012
A worthless letter added to the end of every sentence for teens.
Teen 1: Hi x
Teen 2: How r u? x
Teen 3: Fine, wu2? x
Normal person: Why all the x?
It marks the spot.
x <----that's the spot.
by WhiteJerome April 25, 2014
Verb, (x x'ed x'ing) used to describe the upper-righthand corner one-mouseclick closing of a computer window.
You've got too many computer windows open -- X this one out why don't you?
by Roman_nyc July 30, 2010
what takes the place of your name when you reject the name given to you because you do not agree with the reason why you were given it
Malcolm Little changed his name to Malcolm X because he said "Little" was his slave name, a name given by Mr. Little so everyone would know who his property was
by Travis Richard April 21, 2010
A letter between w and y. One t=of the least common letters to be the first letter of a word.

Also means kiss because > and < meet each other at one point.

Used to at a picture to indicate that it is not allowed.

Used to indicate a classwork problem is wrong.
There aren't many words that start with the X.


They put a big X at the picture because that action is not allowed.

The teacher crossed problem number one because i got it wrong.
by bhargavat August 22, 2010
n. slang for the drug Ecstasy (C11H15NO2)
(methylenedioxy-n-methylamphetamine) MDMA
They went to a rave but didn't do any X.
by reptiles October 04, 2002