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1. a very cool and rad kid
2. amazing person
this one guy i was talking to is such a wynn
by kaitlyn g July 01, 2007
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The last name of the richest, most successful man in Las Vegas. Worth over $2,000,000,000.
Steve Wynn just bought my house for five million dollars, and will be turning it into a new hotel.
by Skeet September 28, 2004
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the one who will make mistakes, but hell relize he made them. hell make it up to you. he wont ignore you forever. just wait and see. technically; your best friend. .<3
i love wynn. hes my best budd.
by kljsd December 05, 2005
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A scary ghost that deletes information off computers, commands spiders to attack people, and does hip hop dancing to turn people into rocks.
Did you see my mouse moving by itself? . . . must be Wynn.
by Cubical Sleeper July 09, 2009
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acronym for “what you need now”

Coined by Joshua Gofman co-owner, operator of WYNN Yoga, Thornhill, ONTARIO

WYNN Yoga is currently the largest yoga studio in the city; and the ONLY studio to have a fitness offering. Our functional core trainers with will work with you on a one-to-one basis putting together a unique prescription of exercises to help you attain a specific yoga stance.

Our grand opening is scheduled for Feb 18/2012 and all that we ask is that you come as you are!

We believe in all that is possible, WYNN Yoga.

Jan 08/2012
Husband: “I had a hard day, I need some rest and relaxation.”

Wife: “Yes, that’s WYNN!”

Variation: WINN
acronym “what I need now”

Also coined by Joshua Gofman Jan 08/2012
by @photograbber January 08, 2012
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1. Sexy/aggressive person.
2. Doesn't take kindly to threats and loves flashy things such as long ghetto nails and big jewelry.
3. Protective over friends and family and will try to help even with very little to give.
I was happy to see Wynn the other day, but of course she getting in someones face again.
by this1female October 22, 2013
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