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by Anonymous September 14, 2003
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normally named after a real sexy man. some one who is full of,should become a presidendt or prince. the sexiest guy in the school....
hey have you seen wyman stewart..."he's bangin"
by why-man June 08, 2009
another word for jackass; Wyman,

also, jackass, jerk, asshole, douchbag, fag/faggit
That jackass Wyman, yep he's a Wyman alright.
by P. J. A. November 17, 2011
A guy that is very conservative politically, isn't the best athletically. Has a huge penis and is great in bed. Fucks a lot of girls that his friends think are ugly but he thinks they are hot. Left handed. Hits a slice with his driver. Plays high school golf.
"Damn, Wyman isn't a good golfer but he fucks a lot of girls that aren't hot at all in my opinion."
by doubleeagle August 05, 2009

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