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another meaning for "buggin out" but in a more aggressice way.
dang that bitch was wylin when u told her she was a slut
by reichelle July 20, 2003
crazy or acting crazy
yo shorty on the table dancing is wylin
by Ladiithckk November 09, 2005
actin crazy or outta control
Yo kid he just came home from jail and he still wylin
by Zany Zane September 19, 2007
The dumbest word that party hungry children use. Used to provide an ebonic/urban feel to over privileged Caucasian asshats indigenous to St. Simons Island and Brunswick, Georgia.
I was wylin' last night when I used all of my parents money and bought beer and trashed someone else's house and tried to start fights just because I have alcohol in my system.
by asdfhjkl; April 24, 2011
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