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A noobish way of asking someone out. Stands for "Will You Go Out With Me"

imSOco0l: wygowm? omg ilusomuch
yOurm07h3rr: uh no. i hate you. stalker.
by lafawnduh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May 31, 2006
An acronym for Will you go out with me?
*passing notes*
Steve: Hey Cassie, W.Y.G.O.W.M?

Cassie: Oh of course Steve! A million times yes!
by dontuseyourrealname64 February 16, 2010
A way of asking someone out. Often used by douchebags who can't keep a girlfriend and make you think they like you but they don't.

Stands for Will You Go Out With Me.
boy: do you know what wygowm means?
girl: no, what?
boy: W. Will. Y. You. G. Go. O. Out. W. With. M. Me.
girl: yes<3
by your_motherx3 April 07, 2010
Would you go out with me
Aye shawty u fine wygowm

Yeah sure r u dating anyone else
by Elisha w April 19, 2016
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