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A well known mc/recording artist, though what, for the most part, is not known is how intelligent his lyrics are. Has the abilitiy to rap not only in English, but in Haiti French.Former member of teh fugees and innovater of teh refugee all-stars.
Have you ever the sound of a four-four at your door?/you got guns, i got guns/meet me at the corner store/After school wild wild west/even the teacher got a vest/ Street Jeopardy
Former member of the 'Fugees'.
Where the Fugees at?
by Danny Peterson January 06, 2004
a two-night stand; that guy/girl who just never made it to bed with you more than twice. In reference to Wyclef's legendary add lib in the Fugees' classic recording of "Killing Me Softly" ie "One time... Two times!"
1 - What ever happened to that guy you were seeing? Greg something?

2 - Oh him? He was a Wyclef Jean.

Both - (speak sing) "One time... Two times!"
by Joe-Nee May 11, 2012
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