What a man does every night.
Who needs a woman when I can just wyckoff??
by FookMe69 March 21, 2013
Someone who ejaculates in public places cross legged in an attempted to propel one's spermicide vertically into the air. Sometimes referred to the Matt Segal because of its common use in dirtying oneself or an innocent bystander.
The Wycoff is famous for its wide spread use with former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and the advocators of Obamacare
Perry: Yo my nigga Ronnie should I do the deed?
Ron Jeremy: Don't Wyckoff youll get arrested or even worse have to watch miley cyrus come in as a wrecking ball
Perry: (nothing to say because he is being arrested)
--- Screams from the background "watch me Wyckoff"!!
by Niggos Handler November 27, 2013
the shittiest town in the middle of the shittiest state, New Jersey
guy 1: Where are you from?

guy 2: Wyckoff, New Jersey

guy 1: Im so sorry...
by doodlydeedoodlydum July 31, 2010
-The biggest joke in Bergen County
-Think they're wealthy but then remember that they are next to Franklin Lakes which completely shits on them
-Want to live in Franklin Lakes but can't afford it
-Leeches who can't afford to build they're own high school
-Too poor to pay the same amount of money for their kids to go to school
-They like to bitch a lot about everything. And I didn't think it was possible but they're cops are even BIGGER TOOLS than FL cops.
-Need to know their place
I always make sure to drive around Wyckoff and not through it. If I drive through it the value of my car might go down.

Teenager #1: Should we buy weed in Wyckoff or Franklin Lakes?
Teenager #2: Franklin Lakes you idiot. Wyckoff kids are scumbags and sell oregano and schwag.
Teenager #1: Sorry, I forgot.
Teenager #2: Don't let it happen again.
by IrishAssassin January 06, 2008
a very annoying boy who is 13 and is shorter than a kindergartener. He's rich and white and annoying as fuck. He has an ugly shade of blue for his eyes and a huge mouth. YOU NEED TO SHUT THE HELL UP MICHEAL WYCKOFF!
Is he short, annoying and is he going to napa high school? if so, he's a wyckoff
by narusasushipperforlifewhatwhat February 07, 2015

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