the only nine-syllable letter
www.unicycle.com <<<<<
by Rob April 11, 2005
an abbreviation for World Wide Web, sometimes further abreviated to (see pronunciation). used by those thinking they have internet skills and trying to impress fellow internetees.
The website is "dub-dub-dub".nerdsuniteforever.com
by Orion January 15, 2004
Acronym for World Wide Web
Refers to the part of the internet that sports html pages
I was browsing the www the other day
by Chuck May 06, 2003
ICB slang. "www <something>" means that <something> is bad or undesirable. It's "mmm" upside-down.
www bad sex, but mmm potato chips after bad sex
by Albin Pahernik July 08, 2004
we all know what it means, just we dont know how to pronounce it.
I prefer my way of saying www. your's takes too long
by wonderfool December 03, 2003
the rival gang of the KKK (ku klux klan.) they are less severe than the KKK,hence the name WWW (meaning White Whiny Wussies) they dont even go after blacks, instead they hate on chocolate milk. they also pirate rap songs off the internet so they can make Fiddy cent go broke by stealing his music. theyre headquarters is somewhere around washington DC.
the WWW chased the milkman carrying chocolate milk, and slapped him down.
by da hood' July 10, 2004
Acronym which means working woman Wednesday used on instagram or twitter with tags to pay homage to a woman who has a career that is making her pay bills.
Shout out to Beyonce, it's www
by Dexy2sexy April 19, 2015

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