An abbreviation for Women With Women
Commonly used for lesbian's bars where you can use Internet, meet single lesbians and go on lesbian's single chat room.
-Dude look at this place with only hot chicks. Should we go have a drink and try to get some?
-Drop it man, it's a www bar.
by Jovannita April 11, 2009
the place you go where you make e-friends and e-date, without actually knowing the people in real life, meaning they might be pedophiles.
dude1: omg, i met this hot chik on www. today. her pixel was totally turning me on.
dude2: lmfao, you douchebag. you dont even know her.
by FUBWLVWKGNFOD January 27, 2012
WWW is often the reason of somebody's life.
-hey i wanna have fun tonight.
-i'm up for a www night
by MattiaVinci October 27, 2008
the opposite of xxx

indirectly it means drugedge.
dude fuck being xxx, i wanna be fuckin www so i can fuck bitches and snort coke.
by harold j jenkins September 25, 2006
World Wide Wank. Wank being the English slang for masturbation. Referring to the amount of pornographic material on the web.
I know what you've been up to! You've been on the WWW all night.
by Suto November 08, 2007
1. World Wide Web- the internet. Also the beginning of most website URLs

2. World 3- the evil organisation in the Megaman Battle Network video games.
1. www.homestarrunner.com rocks!

2. Damn those freaks! Their Colorman deleted Megaman again!
by Stathamite February 28, 2004
Instant messaging shorthand for "whoops, wrong window." Used when you enter and send text intended for one person to another.
Me: I know what you mean, Julie is such a skank!
Julie: wtf?
Me: www!
by Cryptcl Envlpmt June 08, 2006

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