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"What Would Niel Patrick Harris Do?"

This is an abbreviation that asks the question, as stated above, what Niel Patrick Harris would do in x situation. So, basically, if something is going down, one would ask WWNPHD?
"Dude, look at the lifeguard! She's smokin'. Would you do her?"
"I don't know, but WWNPHD?"

"It's Godzilla!"
"Chill, man. WWNPHD?"

Luc: "I'm screwed."
Obi-Wan: "WWNPHD?"
Luc: "He'd use the Force!"
Obi-Wan: "You have learned well."
by JacksonCampbell1 October 04, 2010
What would Neil Patrick Harris Do? Used comically as a replacement for wwjd. Wwnphd asks the question, "What would nph do in this situation?"
Harold: Dude! My car is out of gas, we're in the middle of nowhere, and we have no food, water or cellphones!

Kumar: Relax! Wwnphd in a situation like this?
by Oldestsnake July 19, 2008
What Would Neal Patrick Harris Do
Joe: hey WWNPHD????
Randy: Not a god damn thing thats what he would do
by faint August 10, 2008