WWE is fake wrestling. guys go up on a stage and pretend to fight and people cheer for them. WWE is not wrestling, it is all fake and the "wrestlers" in WWE are total pussies. if they look tough because their bleeding and got punched but remember its fake they are in reality pussies.
guy 1:dude did you see that WWE last night this dude punched the other guy in the face!!!
guy 2: you sir are a dumbass
by realwrestler January 05, 2010
the worst piece of fighting crap ever created. you get some guys on steroids and get in the ring and fight...you'd have to be retarded to think its real.
if you wanna see some real fighting watch some UFC not wwe...
by geekfreek December 21, 2007
The most ridiculous thing on television. Consists of "wrestlers" attacking each other in stupid ways.
Guy 1: Dude! I totally watched some sweet WWE last night!!

Guy 2: Um.. I don't think we can be friends anymore.
by liveitup March 17, 2008
HOLLYWOOD PRODUCTION with certain special effects.
Wedza (wwe fan): OMG! Did you see how he easily managed to lift him up with just one hand?!! WOW!
Me: Oh shut up. It was clear that this one jumped so it could look like he was lifted up with ease. It is such an obvious acting. Boring.. (better watch movies)
by Godza December 29, 2007
Possibly the gayest thing to ever be broadcast on television.

A show of half naked men pretending to slap eachother.
Guys who watch this should be embarrassed and should be considered homosexual.

In short, WWE blows!
Thomas: Jeff, Robbie and Steve are paying $50 to watch Wrestle Mania.. WWE is so damn gay.
Jared: Dude, what douche bags.. let's go watch ufc
by jfYeahhh April 15, 2007
World Wrestling Entertainment. The dominant professional wrestling promotion in the world. At one time fresh and exciting, it is a mere shadow of its former self. TNA is a much better product.
Frank- Hey, you watch WWE Raw last night?
Tim- Hell no! WWE sucks!
by bigjimdx October 19, 2005
A popular live action cartoon parody of professional wrestling.
WWE loses in the ratiungs to Spongebob Squarepants, and yet thinks they are in the same audience as Monday Night Football.
by DrMeanDudeMD October 08, 2006

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