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WWE formerly known as WWF is the greatest wrestling enterprise ever. WWF has been home to some of the greatest wrestlers ever like 'Holleywood' Hulk Hogan, The Rock,'Stone Cold' Stve Austin and many more. Yes WWE is fake but a lot of the time those guys are really busting their ass's for us the fan's. Wrestling is a true sport beacuse I don't think anyone would join the WWE for the money they join for respect from the fan's
Dude, did u see WWe RAW last night, It was narly
by Sammy O April 12, 2006
221 291
WWE a.k.a World Wrestling Entertainment a.k.a John Cena overcoming the odds.
The WWF was real entertainment. But the WWE is slowly becoming an abomination.
by Rememberme August 04, 2007
1260 311
1. A professional wrestling organization that was very entertaining and fun to watch until it's chairman and his no-talent, wannabe gangsta poster boy decided to sell it out to a bunch of ignorant soccer moms and their snot-nosed, pre-pubescent 5 year old kids who know absolutely nothing about the sport.

2. An organization that has went from a respectible phenomenon to a vapid kiddie show.
WWE. No examples needed. The definition speaks for itself.
by RedDragon1985 December 22, 2010
860 224
wwe stands for world wrestling entertainment or
worst wrestling ever
because of vince mcmahon wwe has become the wort wrestling ever.
by mike12345678790 May 30, 2007
793 351
Some fake-ass wrestling that has gotten worse over time. They have no good storylines going on and wrestlers are starting to do stupid things. One male wrestler likes to wear dresses. One wrestler over exaggerates when he gets punched in the face. I paused one part where Ric Flair sopposedly stomped on a guy's head, and his foot never touched the guy's head.
Hey do you know that one wrestler in the WWE who always bends so damn far back everytime he gets punched?
I forgot his name....not worth remembering.
by Wasabimoto March 26, 2007
737 354
WWE is fake wrestling. guys go up on a stage and pretend to fight and people cheer for them. WWE is not wrestling, it is all fake and the "wrestlers" in WWE are total pussies. if they look tough because their bleeding and got punched but remember its fake they are in reality pussies.
guy 1:dude did you see that WWE last night this dude punched the other guy in the face!!!
guy 2: you sir are a dumbass
by realwrestler January 05, 2010
600 366
Grown, oiled "tough" men play fighting.
With the advent of MMA, I'm amazed that the WWE 's brand of homoerotic play fighting still survives.
by Simon Belmontforyaface April 23, 2007
534 317
the worst piece of fighting crap ever created. you get some guys on steroids and get in the ring and'd have to be retarded to think its real.
if you wanna see some real fighting watch some UFC not wwe...
by geekfreek December 21, 2007
521 319