Main entry: DUENGLISH
Function: Noun
Date: Circa 2013, November 14th, 8 PM PST
1a : the language of the people of WUT and the PMA and many areas now or formerly under Grand Alliance control
1b : a particular variety of English distinguished by sexual proclivities and hyper-sensitive peculiarities (as of pronunciation, context, syntax, and hyperbole)
1 c : the common English language, literature, or composition when a subject of study is told to fill a 3 day bag with 5 days worth of poop
2 c : plural in construction : the people of WUT (Wait Until Tomorrow)
3 a : an English translation by the renowned Containerization Chemist, Prof. Sasquatch
3 b : idiomatic or intelligible longshore English
4 a : spin around the vertical axis deliberately imparted to a ball that is driven or rolled — compare draw, follow, and add body english by a clerk disorientated
I've been speaking fluent WUT because I've worked 13 days in a row.
by Dockworker23 November 15, 2013
1.a word used when sum1 is stupid
2.a really good cumbak when u dont know any cumbaks
1.Jim:2+2=4 Sally:wut?
2Jim:ur a flamer Sally:wut? Jim:i sed u wer a flamer! Sally:wut?
by Jack K. July 13, 2003
A wanna-be Slut. One of those know the ones. THAT GIRL who thinks she's hot stuff. She wheres trampy outfits, talks real slow, globs on the red lipstick, and sometimes even starts rumors about herself. Really, she just wants attention. Saying she's a slut isn't trash talk, in her mind, but exactly what she wants you to think.
Gossiper 1: Ugh. That girl is such a slut!

Gossiper 2: Her? NAH, she wishes. She's just a wut.
by CaseAndPoint274 April 12, 2011
gangster speak, translates into I do not have time to write out the whole gigantic word what, so I will apprivatiate with a "wut?"
wut u want 2 do 2day?
by MJgangster December 11, 2006
the correct spelling of woot/ w00t to settle all arguements
you win wüt!!!
i win wüt!!!
everybody wins wüt!!!
England won't win wüt!!!
by Sanji May 31, 2006
A shortened version of what....a better way of saying it
Me: wut?
them: what does "wut" mean?
Me: its the betta way of sayen what
by it be mee why doesn't this work December 11, 2006
Used to express triumph over Anything
u are trying to fit a box into a slightly bigger box, the box doesn;t fit right, you force the smaller box in with as much force as you can regardless of ripping the box, then yelling WUT!!
by Lord Sabacc June 11, 2005

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