A wanna-be Slut. One of those people...you know the ones. THAT GIRL who thinks she's hot stuff. She wheres trampy outfits, talks real slow, globs on the red lipstick, and sometimes even starts rumors about herself. Really, she just wants attention. Saying she's a slut isn't trash talk, in her mind, but exactly what she wants you to think.
Gossiper 1: Ugh. That girl is such a slut!

Gossiper 2: Her? NAH, she wishes. She's just a wut.
by CaseAndPoint274 April 12, 2011
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1. An expression similar in meaning to the word "What"

2. A "leet" word for what

3. A remark most commonly used after a party has told a ridiculous/unbelievable story. after a pause the listener responds "wut" or "lol wut"
Sean: Yea, so the other day I was on my way to the store and I saw a homeless person steal a woman's baby and smother it in bbq sauce only to be tackled by the one and only Race Danger.

Me: ...... Lol wut?
by A-Mac October 24, 2007
Another spelling of the word "wat." Used in response to an unclear or absurd statement when seeking to clarify it or expose said absurdity. Commonly used on internet message boards or online games, the word was originally used in 1337 speak and chat language, but has since been used humorously in many cases.
Gentleman #1: Salutations, sir! Have you recently experienced any notable situations worthy of discussion and/or regaling?
Gentleman #2: Why, yes! I was engaged in intercourse with a fine lady, and suddenly the Easter Bunny sprang from her vaginal area and started defecating on my chest! There was confetti everywhere!
Gentleman #1: wut
by FlammableFun December 31, 2010
A shorter variation of "What." Something someone says when they are baffled or confused.
*Online Chat* Dad: Son ur adopted. Son: Wut.
by Myfriendsimpacking April 11, 2010
This can be considered a shortened form of 'what' but for some, simply using 'wut' and nothing else as a response shows somethings stupidity. Saying 'wut' after a response or something that someone has said that doesn't make sense is like saying 'huh?' really sarcastically.
(statuses on Facebook)
by Kirstennnnnn April 05, 2010
Moronic form of "what."

See also: wat
by     Ù August 08, 2003
A typed version of the word "what", for use in response to things that are too ridiculous, retarded or out-of-the-blue to deserve a regular, correctly spelled inquiry. Great for Youtube conversations.
(Random talkshow interview video)

Youtube Poster A:

"Guy in vid is fuckin jew santanist asshole 666, you'll all see when the reptilian aliens come. Freemasons."

Youtube Poster B:
"@Youtube Poster A

by DanielCornelius August 17, 2011
Main entry: DUENGLISH
Function: Noun
Date: Circa 2013, November 14th, 8 PM PST
1a : the language of the people of WUT and the PMA and many areas now or formerly under Grand Alliance control
1b : a particular variety of English distinguished by sexual proclivities and hyper-sensitive peculiarities (as of pronunciation, context, syntax, and hyperbole)
1 c : the common English language, literature, or composition when a subject of study is told to fill a 3 day bag with 5 days worth of poop
2 c : plural in construction : the people of WUT (Wait Until Tomorrow)
3 a : an English translation by the renowned Containerization Chemist, Prof. Sasquatch
3 b : idiomatic or intelligible longshore English
4 a : spin around the vertical axis deliberately imparted to a ball that is driven or rolled — compare draw, follow, and add body english by a clerk disorientated
I've been speaking fluent WUT because I've worked 13 days in a row.
by Dockworker23 November 15, 2013

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