(Rhymes with "Bush") A Pittsburgh dialect word for "wash." Apparently most common around Lawrenceville. Other areas of Pittsburgh generally use "warsh" or "worsh."
"y'inz wushed up for supper yet?"
by A. Alm November 09, 2006
Top Definition
A friend who hangs around your place far too often and for far too long, using all your stuff even if you're not there. Someone to whom you'd often say "Why U Still Here"
Junk: Nicky J was in my room this morning when I left for class. Four hours later he's still there playing NBA 2k11.

Jowl: Yeah dude, he's a wush.
by jamal rashad patterson April 20, 2011
To roll up your car windows at stoplights so that other drivers can't hear the embarrassing song on your radio or hear you sing.
Although it was hot out, I wushed at stoplights so that the other drivers could not hear my Barry Manilow CD
by Buddy Man March 16, 2007
The combination of the last name of a guy named curtis (Wu) and a girl with the initials SH. Hence, making the name Wush.
Have you guys seen wush around lately?
by dnizzle July 25, 2006
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