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A man to whom you were formerly married, and with whom you enjoy a close and congenial relationship, absent the rancor often associated with the word "ex-husband".
1. Although he travels a great deal for work, my wusband makes it a priority to attend all our daughter's school events.

2. Q: "What does your husband do?"

A: "Actually, he's my wusband, but I'd love to introduce you! I really think you two would hit it off."
by birmingmom October 06, 2009
A man that you used to be married to that you now want nothing to do with.
He's my "wusband" as in that was my husband.
by ithinkiamfunnyandiamright September 28, 2012
A former Husband who preferred to be with his friends rather than come home putting his wife and family at a higher priority.
'My husband preferred drinking with his friends after work rather than come home to me and the kids; now he is my Wusband.'
by Real McCoy July 28, 2009
When in a male/female marriage, the "wife" used to be a man, is a transexual, or is in transition. A wife/husband. Wife + Husband = wusband. Also Was-a-Husband.
'Hey! Is that Walter over there? Do you think he brought his wife?' 'Oh! You mean his "wusband." She was a he!'
by Beau Gibson September 08, 2007