1) A West Country English slang term for a farmer or otheragricultural worker.

2) Former Lead guitarist of Motorhead.

3)A member of The Wurzels. A long established UK folk band. Renowed as the founders of the infamous scrumpy and weston sound.
"Can you remember at the last wurzel dance- Oo ar Oo ar"
(Adge Cutler from the song 'Combine Harvester' UK number 1 in 1976)
by Black Flag May 28, 2004
Unfortunately a nickname given to my fellow Saints fans and I by Portsmouth supporters. It derives from the fact that most of us speak with a west country accent and derive from farming stock.

We even have a song mocking our own accents:

I can't read and I can't write
But that don't really matter
I comes down from Southampton
And I can drive a tractor
Wurzel , scummer,country bumpkin,horse molester
by Tijuana Tim September 04, 2007

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