1) A West Country English slang term for a farmer or otheragricultural worker.

2) Former Lead guitarist of Motorhead.

3)A member of The Wurzels. A long established UK folk band. Renowed as the founders of the infamous scrumpy and weston sound.
"Can you remember at the last wurzel dance- Oo ar Oo ar"
(Adge Cutler from the song 'Combine Harvester' UK number 1 in 1976)
by Black Flag May 28, 2004
Top Definition
A wurzel is a farming bumpkin from the little Hampshire village of Portsmouth.
A straw-chewing wurzel: Ize a right pompey dinlo ize is.
by City lad July 18, 2008
A wurzel is what supporters of other teams call a fan of Portsmouth Football Club. It originated from the fact that their small band of followers, or wurzels, mainly come from the countryside and, with their hand-bell, drum and bugle, long blue wigs and fancy dress, have a rustic character.
John Westwood is a wurzel.
by iwys5 June 23, 2007
A wurzel is a long but thin penis. In the german language wurzel means carrot, and we al know the shape of carrots.
Be realistic dude, with a wurzel you can never become a pornstar.
by Nightbreed666 April 29, 2009
SSC slang for Chewing Gum. As in wurzel gummage = gum
'Oi mate i've just had some onions, have you got a wurzel?
by Kaarzi May 30, 2006
The best song eva. As a Somerseter (south west england) I can boast about having the Wurzels. The Beatles of the South West.
Songs like; Combine Harvester, The Blackbird, Drink up thy Zider. See also: Wurzel
"I gotta brand new COmbine Harvester, and i'll give you the key..." --Combine Harvester
by mat October 11, 2004
Rhyming slang: Wurzel Gummage, Dirty Rummage.

To approach of a woman you've just met from the rear, part her arse cheeks and donate a rim-job. This differs from the "Direct approach" where the woman lies back with her feet over her shoulders presenting her arse hole to the Rimmer, thus negating the need to rummage around looking for it.
Check her out! would you wurzel it?
by XXXBOSC July 10, 2011
soft in the head argricultural types
"you are a wurzel, a dirty wurzel, your only happy when making hay, your dads a scarecrow, your moms a nympho, she goes ooh ah ooh ah all day" - directed at football fans in or around the vicinity of yorkshire.
by matt knight May 23, 2005

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