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A wurp is when you have been smoking large amounts of weed, which caused you to burp.
George just smoked 4 bowls and let out a huge wurp.
by Trevor Morris April 07, 2007
can also be used as a term of acknowledgement.
that bird is fit! reply: Wurp!
what a dick! reply: Wurp!
by Gommey April 24, 2004
An inherent or distinguishing characteristic;.
A word for all conversations
Can be used to describe anything.

adj 1: of superior grade; "choice wines"; "fine wines" "prime beef"; "prize carnations"; "quality paper"; "select peaches" syn: choice, fine, prime(a), prize, select 2: of high social status; "people of quality"; "a quality family" n 1: an essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone; "

Origin: Chinnor, Thame, Shabbington. (Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire)Wurp!
TK-S is a legend for this, wurp
by ando April 24, 2004
Deriving from a small town in the English countryside called Thame, Oxfordshire. Meaning everything is ok and alright.
Got hammered last night, wurp.
by TK-S April 22, 2004
chinnor, thame, shaggy, (oxfordshire)
Naylor has one bollock, WURP!
by Tricky May 04, 2004
A internet slang word for being sick
PERSON 1: yesterday i ate a banana and cheese sandwich

by odbfish July 25, 2010
wurp di do
wurp di wurp
by Baz April 26, 2004