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1. To be in the semi-conscious, unenthusiastic and unintelligible state one is in before one has fully woken up, and when one would would rather be in bed.
2. To behave as one does when in such a state.

1. Morning greeting used when the wurgler is in such a state.
06:01 * foo wurgles
06:05 <bar> urgh, wurgle
07:00 <baz> morning.
#morning #grumble #urgh #wirgle #wergle
by phunky42 October 28, 2007
When a ferret wants to strech,it does this: It will flip on its back and pull it's paws over its face behind its ears, afterwords it will put its hands on to floor and use them to propell itself around in a backwards circle wile kicking from side to side making a wormlike motion. My brother and I have dubbed this behavior wurgling.
The sleepy ferret wurgled from side to side to start a new day.
#wirgle #wirrgle #wurrgle #wiggle #worgle
by Evil Onion January 02, 2006
What something is doing when it's not being productive, such as loading screen that never loads, or a TV without a viewer. A time of pointless thinking or activity.
The page to look up my location seems to just wurgle away doing not a lot.

Did you leave the TV on upstairs? It sounds like it's wurgling away to itself up there.
#trundle #think #consider #mull #wurggle #wergal
by phaeness March 09, 2010
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